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Showing 1–36 of 95 results

Intimacy is an important part of any relationship, and it’s essential that all partners feel comfortable and relaxed during physical contact. Lubricants can be a great addition in the bedroom by enhancing intimacy and pleasure. At Adult Products Shop, we offer a wide range of lubricants that cater to all preferences and desires.

Our range of lubricants includes water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based options, each with its unique properties and benefits. We only offer the highest quality products that have been extensively tested to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness.

Water-based lubricants are the most popular choice for those seeking to increase their pleasure during intimacy. They are easy to clean, non-sticky, and can last for a long time without leaving stains. Our selection of water-based lubricants includes different flavours, formulae, and scents designed to meet specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re trying to enhance your pleasure or reduce friction, we’ve got you covered.

Silicone-based lubricants, on the other hand, offer a longer-lasting, more slippery sensation than water-based lubes. They are hypoallergenic and great for people who have sensitive skin. They don’t dry up easily, which helps increase comfort and pleasure during prolonged activities. You can use them in the shower, pool, or hot tub without worrying about washing off. Our collection of silicone-based lubricants is available in various flavours, scents, and consistencies, making it easy to find the perfect lube for your needs.

Oil-based lubricants like coconut and almond oils are great for those who prefer a more natural approach. They are perfect for sensual massages and can work as both lubricants and moisturizers. They are easy to use and have a range of aromatherapeutic benefits that can help you and your partner relax and de-stress. Our collection of oil-based lubricants includes different blends that cater to different needs, whether you’re looking for something with a subtle fragrance, a warming effect or a deeply nourishing treatment.

At Adult Products Shop, we understand that everyone has unique requirements and desires when it comes to intimacy. That’s why we offer a range of products that cater to all personal preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for a lube to enhance your pleasure, reduce friction, or alleviate discomfort during intimate activities, we’ve got you covered.

Our range of lubricants also includes a variety of fun accessories and tools. We carry warming lubes, flavoured lubes, massage oils, and stimulating gels that are perfect for integrating into your intimate moments. These additions can help keep things interesting, and keep the spark alive with your partner.

So why not indulge in our selection of premium lubricants and treat yourself to a more satisfying and intimate experience? With our high-quality products, you and your partner can feel more comfortable and relaxed while exploring your desires. Browse our collection now and find the perfect lube for your specific needs and preferences today.