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Explore the exciting world of vibrating dildos at Adult Products Shop. Discover different types such as G-spot, clit stim, thrusting, and more for intense pleasures.

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Showing 1–36 of 67 results

Welcome to the exciting world of vibrating dildos! At Adult Products Shop, we understand that sexual pleasure is an essential part of life, and vibrating dildos can add a new dimension of excitement to your intimate experiences. Our wide selection of vibrating dildos includes various types, such as curved g-spot vibrating dildos, clit stim vibrating dildos, remote vibrating dildos, glow in the dark vibrating dildos, thrusting dildos, suction vibrating dildos, multi-speed vibrating dildos, and vibrating dildos with balls, each of which aims to provide distinct and exhilarating sensations.

Curved G-spot Vibrating Dildos

Curved G-spot vibrating dildos are designed with a slight curve that helps reach the most sensitive part of the vagina-the G-spot. The G-spot is a small spongy area that is located on the front wall of the vagina, and when stimulated, it can lead to intense orgasms. Our selection of G-spot vibrating dildos includes various sizes, shapes, and materials, with different vibration speeds and patterns that ensure you find the perfect fit for your pleasure needs.

Clit Stim Vibrating Dildos

Some women experience more pleasure from clit stimulation compared to penetrative sex, and clit stim vibrating dildos aim to provide that much-needed sensation. Clit stim vibrating dildos feature a specially designed section that provides focused clitoral stimulation while penetrating the vagina. They come in different shapes, materials, and vibration patterns, giving you unique sensations that help you explore your pleasure points.

Remote Vibrating Dildos

Remote vibrating dildos allow you to take control of your pleasure by handing the remote over to a partner. The remote allows your partner to control the dildo’s vibration speed and intensity from across the room, making it a perfect toy for a couple looking to explore new and exciting sexual adventures. Our selection of remote vibrating dildos includes different sizes, shapes, and materials that allow you to choose your preferred style.

Glow In The Dark Vibrating Dildos

For those looking to add extra excitement to their playtime, glow-in-the-dark vibrating dildos may be the perfect option. These dildos feature unique and fun designs with a built-in light-up feature that illuminates in the dark, adding an extra element of visual pleasure. These toys do not fall short on vibration levels or patterns, ensuring you enjoy your playtime to the maximum.

Thrusting Dildos

Thrusting dildos mimic the realistic motion of penetrative sex, providing sensations that feel like the real thing. They are made with a motor inside that pushes and pulls the dildo in and out of the vagina, delivering deep-rooted thrills that leave you breathless. Our selection of thrusting dildos come in different sizes, shapes, and materials, with varying speeds and patterns that ensure you find the perfect toy.

Suction Vibrating Dildos

Suction vibrating dildos have a unique suction cup that attaches to a surface or harness, allowing for hands-free masturbation or partner play. The suction cup ensures the toy stays in place and doesn’t slide around, making it a perfect fit for those that love adventurous playtime. Our selection of suction vibrating dildos comes in different sizes, materials, and vibration patterns that provide different sensations.

Multi-speed Vibrating Dildos

Multi-speed vibrating dildos have various vibration speeds and patterns, allowing you to choose your preferred strength and intensity. Our selection of multi-speed vibrating dildos comes in different sizes, shapes, materials, and functions, providing a unique and thrilling experience every time.

Vibrating Dildos with Balls

Vibrating dildos with balls provide a unique and realistic experience that feels like penetrative sex with the added benefit of vibration. The texture and sensation of balls hitting the body orifice add genuine pleasure to the experience. Our selection of vibrating dildos with balls comes in various sizes, shapes, and materials, with different vibration patterns that leave you spent in sexual excitement.

In conclusion, vibrating dildos are an excellent addition to any sexual pleasure kit. They provide the opportunity to explore new sensations and areas of the body and can take your sexual experiences to the next level. At Adult Products Shop, we are proud to offer a wide variety of vibrating dildos, each designed to provide unique and specific thrills. Browse through our selection and find your perfect vibrating dildo today!